Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this store?

The purpose of this store is to help fund the work of Alpha & Omega Ministries by directing visitors of our site to good works they can purchase on The ministry earns up to 15% of all purchases you make. In this way, the ministry can offer items that we believe will benefit you without having to stock up on the items ourselves.

Are you closing your own store?

Yes, we are closing the store from the main site. We are now using this store in conjunction with

How can I follow Dr. White on various social networking sites?

Dr. White can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Alpha & Omega Ministries has a Facebook page as well. You will now find all of our audio recordings on our Sermon Audio Channel as well as many of Dr. White's sermons on PRBC's Channel. The website of The Phoenix Reformed Baptist Church can be found here.